Coronavirus Update

The current Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all, we would first like to wish all our members good health and to those of you who work in the front line, a very big thank you. With the current easing of lockdown regulations we are now assessing the state of the market with the hope that we will soon be able to offer homes to our members through Buy By Renting.

We hope you stay safe and well, and we look forward to helping you become home owners in the very near future.


Use Your Rent to Buy Your Home

You Do Not Need a Mortgage or Loan

Say Bye Bye to Renting & Hello to Home Ownership

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Start owning your new home the day that you move in!

The New Way to Buy Your Home

Buy By Renting allows you to buy your home whilst renting it. Each rental payment will be used towards the purchase of your home. Each month you will see your ownership increase, until you own 100% of the property. With Buy By Renting the day you move into your home you will start to own a part of it.

Each month your payment will be used to buy more of your home. Our purchase plan makes Buy By Renting truly unique and gives you the ability to buy your own home without you ever needing a mortgage or loan of any type.

Buy By Renting is a unique program that will allow you to get on the property ladder and it is ideal for a tenant buyer who; Does not have enough deposit saved up, or who has poor a credit rating or CCJ’s. We also accept self-employed people with less than 3 years accounts.

Why Wait? Make sure the next time you pay your rent...

A) You’re getting more back than just a receipt

B) You’re actually buying part of your home

C) You’re improving your financial position