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Buy-By-Renting.com offers a unique solution for people who are unable to buy a home using traditional financing methods. Anyone is able to join Buy By Renting and own their home without them ever needing to get a mortgage or loan of any kind. Our system is highly flexible and enables you to choose a payment plan and timescale that fits your requirements. Once you are in your Buy By Renting home you will be able to see how much of the home you own, how many more payments are required until you own the entire home, and how making one off payments or increasing your monthly payment can reduce the time it will take to own 100% of your home. All of this information and much more is available to you 24/7 online.

Ownership Details

House Value£80,000.00
Current Ownership£20,000.00 ( 25.00% )
Monthly Cost£750.00
Complete Ownership


The Benefits of Home Ownership

Financial Security

Home ownership gives you financial security and freedom. Each month your financial security will increase as you own more and more of your home.

Security of Tenure

As a tenant, you can never really call your house a home. At any time the property owner can ask you to move out, making it impossible to feel genuinely settled and part of the community. With us, so long as you make your monthly payments you will stay in the house until you either own it or you choose to move. Your house is now your home and you control when and if you want to move.


As a tenant, you are not always permitted to make alterations to the house you live in. You often need to accept other people’s choices and taste. With Buy by Renting this is not the case. You are free to re-paint, alter and improve the house, as you desire. Best of all any improvements you make to your home that increases its value will be to your financial advantage.

Buy By Renting in Six Points

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From the day you move in, you own part of your new home

As soon as you make a payment towards the purchase of your new home, it will immediately show as your legal ownership of that part of the house.

You can at any time see exactly how much of your home you own, in both percentage terms, and in value terms. For example: if you have purchased £4,000 of a £40,000 property, it will clearly show that you own 10% of the house and have at least £4,000 of equity value.

  • From the day you move in, you own part of your new home

    As soon as you make a payment towards the purchase of your new home, it will immediately show as your legal ownership of that part of the house.

    You can at any time see exactly how much of your home you own, in both percentage terms, and in value terms. For example: if you have purchased £4,000 of a £40,000 property, it will clearly show that you own 10% of the house and have at least £4,000 of equity value.

  • You choose the initial deposit & how much you pay each month

    From the moment that you join the Buy by Renting family you have flexibility. You choose how much deposit you want to put down and how much you want to pay per month. During your purchasing period, you can make additional “one off” payments or increase your monthly payments. Either of these will shorten your purchase period and save you money. Our website will clearly show you these cost savings.

  • Payments are fixed through the term, so there's no unexpected surprises

    So many families have lost their homes through no fault of their own. Interest rates on mortgages and loans can, and do, fluctuate wildly. These changes can be volatile, with interest rates doubling over a short period of time. Of course the main problem has been that whilst the cost of a loan doubles, wages have not increased accordingly. All of our costs are linked to the inflation. Once a year, your monthly payment and house value will increase in line with inflation. For example, if you were paying a rent of £500 per month in 2015 and the rate of inflation for that year was 2%, then in 2016 your new rent would be £510. This is a fixed calculation, so even if rents in your street had increased to £550 you would only pay the agreed £510.

  • You can pay more or less each month without penalty

    We are aware that life can be a bumpy road, so we have made it so that as long as you pay your rent, you can reduce your capital payments in times of need, and increase them when you're feeling more comfortable.

    This will, of course, affect how long it will take to buy more of your house, but through your portfolio page your amended figures will be always clearly shown, and if you do come into some money you can make a single payment from as little as £25 to speed up the purchase of your home.

  • You can move house without penalty

    Buy-By-Renting has tried to create the most flexible way of buying a home, so we have made your home ownership fully portable.

    if you find it necessary to move home during the purchase period then you can either, move yourself and your property equity into another Buy By Renting property or take out the equity that you have accumulated in your home to use as you wish.

  • Your rent helps you buy your property

    As you are both the landlord and the tenant-purchaser of your home, each month the portion of the rent that you pay which is owed to you instantly becomes your equity in the home. It is this accelerator principle that greatly reduces the time it will take to achieve outright purchase of your home.

    For example, if you own 20% of your home then 20% of the net rent will be converted into equity and will immediately show in your ownership of the property.

Register Now

Flexibility & Control

Registering as a Member

To use Buy by Renting you need to be a registered member. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you are registered you will be able to apply for a property by completing our simple application process. We will then work with you to find your new home.

Finding Your House

Buying your own home is an important decision, and finding the right home can take time. For this reason we give all our members up to 3 years to find their perfect home. You will also receive email updates every time that a house is offered that meets your requirements. A simple click of a button will put you in contact with a local advisor who will arrange a viewing of any property that you are interested in.

Our Advantage

You require no loan of any kind

Easy credit referencing

Very low deposits

Clear real-time information about your property ownership

Rent decreases as ownership increases

You can accept donations

One off payments to shorten the purchase time

Your rent helps you buy your home

Fixed terms so there are no unexpected surprises

Own your home faster than ever

Stop Renting Your House and Start Buying Your Home

Information at Your Fingertips

Tracking Your Application

Once you have chosen a house our website will keep you notified of what stage your application is at and when you can expect to move in. If there are any problems with your application they will be shown on our website together with information to clear any outstanding issues. You will also have direct contact to your personal client liaison officer who will help you at every step of the process. Our aim is to have you owning your own home and we will work with you to make sure that becomes a reality.

Customer Support

With Buy by Renting you are a click away from fantastic customer support. You can talk directly to our support staff regarding any element of your home purchase. Even if you are having financial problems through job loss or other factors, our team are there to help you. No matter what the issue we will try our very best to help you overcome it - what we will not do is add to your worries.

Anyone Can Help You Buy Your Home

In todays world it's very easy to forget the power of people coming together to help one another. If you choose to, you can ask friends, family and even complete strangers to donate money to help you buy your home. With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you can notify your family and friends that you are buying your own home and that any help would be greatly appreciated.

People are often stuck when it comes to gifting for Birthdays, Christmas and Weddings. What better gift than to help somebody achieve their goal of home ownership. To further help, our donations section is completely free for you to use and you will receive 100% of any donation made. We promote this section of the website globally at no cost to our members.

Name John M. Location London
Time With Us 5 Years 4 Months Percentage Owned 32%
Full Ownership 10 Years 2 Months Monthly Investment £100

DONATE NOW  £100 Donated Will Save John £648.04 !!

Hello, my name is John and I'm a 34 year old Londoner. Before joining Buy-By-Renting I spent my adult life either living with my parents or in a rented flat while I tried to save up a deposit. I now live in a home I hope to call my own one day, in fact at the current rate September 2027 to be exact!

I cannot tell you the difference that this has made to my life, I feel like finally I am going somewhere and living for a reason, not just treading water. When I go to work now, I go to work to help me fulfill my dream of owning a home. This change in attitude has also lead to many great things happening to me, not least being that I have been promoted.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to read this, and know that I am doing everything I can to fulfill my dream. Amazingly if you decide to help me on my journey every £100 you give will save me nearly £650 and mean I will own my home one month sooner. All donations are incredibly kind, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Example Properties

3 Bed Detached Manchester. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £998 pcm

3 Bed Semi Detached Merseyside. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £800 pcm

4 Bed Detached Lancashire. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £800 pcm

2 Bedroom Terraced Derby. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £1,533 pcm

2 Bedroom End Of Terrace Derby. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £1,533 pcm

3 Bed Detached Blackburn. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £1,003 pcm

3 Bed Semi Detached Wrexham. Buy-By-Renting.com

Own This For £900 pcm