Our Benefits

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

Rent to Buy Your Own Home in the UK
  • The security of knowing that this is your long term home
  • The ability to decorate and improve it to your own taste
  • The financial security of owning "Bricks and Mortar"
  • The profit that you make as your home increases in value

Your first step, is to register with Buy By Renting, this is free and only takes a few seconds to complete.
Once registered you will be able to proceed and apply for a home.

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You start owning your new home the day that you move in!

Poor Credit Rating: Your credit history is exactly that "history" we are looking to your future not your past. Your credit history will not stop you buying a house with Buy By Renting, even if your old home was foreclosed or you were bankrupted.

Unable to Get a Mortgage or a Loan: That's not a problem as you will not need any form of loan or mortgage to buy a home with Buy By Renting.

Insufficient Money for Legal and Agent Fees: That's OK, you will not need any, all the the purchasing costs are paid by us.

Not Enough for a Deposit: You can still buy your own home, many of our homes need NO DEPOSIT, others require a very small deposit that we will help you save for.

Self Employed: Not a problem, even if you do not have 3 years accounts.

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How Does Buy By Renting Compare?

Buy-By-Renting Renting Mortgage Other Rent to
Own Companies
Doesn't Require a Loan
Interest Free
No Credit Rating Needed
No Deposit Required
Fixed Payments
Payment Holidays
Receive Donations
Legal Fees Included
Agents Fees Included
Realtime Ownership Visibility

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