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Starting the journey to owning your own home could not be simpler and best of all it’s FREE. Just tell us the type of home that you are looking for, your monthly budget and the area that you want the home in. As soon as a suitable property becomes available we will email you details..

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Application to Purchase a Home – By Invitation Only

Once we are confident that we have found or can find a property that meets all your requirements within your budget, you will be invited to make an application to become a buy by renting tenant purchaser. Applications are taken on a "first come first served basis" and are by invitation only. Priority members are always at the top of the list for being offered applications. In the event that several approved applicants want the same property it will be offered to the applicant that made the earliest application.

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The Three Stages to Achieve Home Ownership

Stage 1 - Confirming Who You Are

The items listed below are carried out by all letting agents; the difference is our acceptance criteria are not based on your history but on your current position. If you have had trouble in your past it does not mean that you have trouble today. Our program can accept all candidates, including those that have faced bankruptcy, voluntary arrangements, or have had their homes repossessed. All we ask is that you do not hide anything on your application form. Our target is to accept 100% of all candidates. Our application fee of £499 is the only fee that you will have to pay, and is fully refundable if you are not accepted. This fee is used as follows:

  • Legal check that you are allowed to live in the UK. (Statutory requirement)
  • The taking up of references and credit checks (an application is not reliant on a good credit check)
  • Income check.
  • Dedicated advisor to help you through the whole process.

Stage 2 - Finding Your Home

  • Identifying the type of home you are looking for and the location you desire.
  • Have our team find suitable properties for you.
  • Arrange property viewings for you.
  • Work with you to until we find you the home that you want.

Stage 3 - Legal Paperwork and Moving In

  • Legal fees for drafting and writing your the tenancy agreement.
  • Legal fees for drafting and writing your purchase contract.
  • Legal fees for drafting and writing the partnership agreement between yourself and Buy by Renting.
  • Providing a dedicated legal specialist to help you complete the paperwork.
  • Having a representative on move in day to bring you the keys to your new home and explain where all the services are and any other items that relate to your new home.